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Other services

Company Audit Data SRL offers the following accounting services:

1. Keeping of accounting and tax records , reports presentations: complex system of collecting, identifying, classifying, processing , recording, generalization of accounting and financial reporting elements . This includes a wide range of accounting services , starting with processing and systematization of primary documents and finishing with the preparation and presentation of reports to tax and statistical authorities and mandatory social insurance fund .

2. Outsourcing : attracting audit company as chief accountant with or without retaining staff in basic accounting . This service offers a chance to get services of highly qualified specialists at an affordable price without offering office , without paying taxes on wages etc., paying only the price for the services requested.

Advantages of outsourcing :

  • Time-tested , " Outsourcing in accounting " is much cheaper than paying monthly salary of a staff accountant.
  • Carries out free audits of your accounting balances , and then a competitive rate is been selected for you.
  • Rates are fixed costs.
  • Ensures full access to database.
  • Accountant always in touch.
  • You must not be anymore concerned about what , when and where to send.
  • Timely monitor of all recent changes in legislation.
  • Experienced staff.
  • Organization of financial and managerial accounting : accounting organization in newly created companies or finding ways to optimize accounting within existing companies .

4. Restoration of accounting : accounting restoration is performed at companies where accounting hasn't been kept, it hasn't been preserved , or hasn't been properly organized in order to avoid sanctions from control authorities.

5. Assistance to automate accounting .

6. Tax and calculation planning of liabilities to the budget for both physical individuals and business persons with tax preparation and presentation.

Audit Data offer fiscal consulting:

1. Consulting in auditing: providing information about possible errors and inconsistencies with Moldavian legislation in accounting to certain conditions;

2. Consultations in accounting: solving problems related to the accounting of the enterprise;

3. Consultations in RM tax legislation: explaining the calculation method, the reflection on accounting and the payment of taxes in accordance with tax legislation in force ;

4. Consultation in the subscription contract: permanent consulting for all aspects of the company 's accounting;

5. Unique consultation: advice on a specific question related to the company's accounting;

6. Consultations for physical individuals: calculation , payment and optimization of physical individuals income tax, preparation , completion and submission of tax declarations for physical individuals , income tax refund from the budget ;

7. Consultations and service information on issues related to financial and tax legislation;

8. Investment management advice, the analysis of investment projects.

Audit Data SRL offers the following audit services:

1. General audit for economic agents and confirmation of financial reports :

The purpose of an audit is to improve the confidence of the intended users of financial statements .

This is obtained by an auditor's expressed opinion on whether the financial statements are prepared in all significant aspects in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework .

It is carried out by an independent examination of annual financial statements , consolidated annual financial reports and other information relating thereto, of the audited entity for the auditor to express a professional opinion on their compliance , in all significant aspects to the requirements set out in these reports .

2. Audit related services :

  • Mission agreed upon procedures in accordance with ISRS : mission agreed upon procedures may require the auditor to perform certain procedures concerning individual items of financial data (eg accounts payables, accounts receivables, purchases from related parties sales and profits of a segment of an entity ) , a component of the financial statements ( for example , a balance sheet) or even a complete set of financial statements .
  • Tax Audit : verification of compliance of the company's tax accounting towards tax legislation of the Republic of Moldova.
  • Review audit : is an objective and impartial analysis of the economic situation of the company performed in a restricted timeframe .
  • Special purpose Audit : represents the conducted audit on a section or part of the company accounts .

3. Analysis of economic and financial activity ;

4. Development and spreading of methodical materials, recommendations on accounting , taxation , audit ;

5. Assistance in management ;

6. Assistance in management , reorganization and liquidation ;

7. performing auditor functions / auditing committee .

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