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Over 20 years of experience in auditing and accounting.


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Audit services

The purpose of the audit is to increase the trust of target users in the financial statements.

Accounting services

It includes a wide range of accounting services, ranging from the processing and systematization of primary documents.

Fiscal consulting

Advice on tax consequences and tax risks arising in the process of doing business.

Other services

Services in the field: personnel policy, labor protection, real estate and other legal services.

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We help to find the best solution in the most difficult situation.

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21.01.2020 Audit Data

The audit firm employs an accountant

Societatea de audit angajeaza contabil, in companie specializată in ținerea evidenței contabile (outsourcing).

26.06.2019 Audit Data

New office of Audit-Data company

We hasten to inform you that at the 18th of June 2018 “Audit Data” S.R.L. opens a new office.

15.07.2018 Audit Data

Audit activity: basic notions

Audit activity comprises several basic notions that need to be explained to better understand its role.

15.07.2017 Audit Data

Activitatea de audit: Notiuni de baza

Activitatea de audit cuprinde mai multe notiuni de baza ce necesita a fi explicate pentru a intelege mai bine rolul acesteia.